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 The following list of Neighborhood and Property Owner’s Associations and Condo's is provided solely for the purpose of assisting in the identification and contact information for an association. Although we have made every effort to be as accurate and complete as possible, we cannot and will not be responsible for its accuracy or completeness and advise you to contact any last known representative listed herein for any verification. If you find any incorrect or outdated information which needs to be updated, please contact David W. Bolick at and we will be more than glad to update this information or answer any questions. Thank you.  THIS INFORMATION IS COPYRIGHTED AND PROHIBITED IN COPYING OR REPUBLISHING IN ANY FORM FOR ANY REASON.


 Where Identified, you may CLICK on any association name or email address LINK for additional information. Their information may include association officers, dues, frequency of payment, bylaws, bill of assurance or direct email addresses. Last confirmed updates are reflected in last column to right. “V” denotes Voluntary and “P” is for Pool. All dues are annual unless stated otherwise.


NOTE:  ALL Chenal Valley Properties listed “also” have a $173.93 @ 11/16/2015 with Annual Fee to Chenal Valley

Little Rock Metropolitan Area Property Owner Associations