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Let us help you find and purchase the home of your dreams.


 The services we provide our buyer clients are custom designed for each buyer and we do not bullet list canned scripts from some real estate training course.  We put into practice our 42+ years of experience in the real estate business to fully and properly represent our buyer clients with true quality were it counts.


 Our Buyer Services are centered on 6 simple concepts:


(1)   Devote Personal time and attention to our buyer client needs

(2)   Treat our buyer clients as our long term "Friends" and not as a "Business Client"

(3)   Remain available 24/7 with unsurpassed communication that you need

(4)   Constantly and consistently search the market for the best home you want

(5)   Apply our 42+ years of experience in Expert Negotiation of your purchase

(6)   Carefully look out for your best interest all the way to closing, to eliminate problems, snags, stumbling blocks and resolving obstacles immediately.


 Our services may seem simple, but the most important assistance a buyer needs is an agent they can trust that has the track record and experience in solving problems, being available when you need them and knowing how to find and negotiate the best deal.  All agents are the "Greatest Ever"...until something goes wrong in your transaction.

 If you think our 6 concepts are the way you should be treated, then read our short explanation of how we apply these concepts. AND IT'S ALL FREE!


Devote Personal Time and Attention to Our Buyer Client Needs:

 One might think that an agent that sells $50,000,000 of real estate per year is obviously the "best", but we believe that having 15 Sales Assistants to pass off important tasks and intervene in behalf of our client is not in their best interest.  We do all our work personally, from searching the MLS system for the right home in the best location, making appointments to show at your convenience, advising you on the best type loan and most importantly...explaining the "Exit Strategy" in case you needed to move in the near future..  We don't believe in being so busy and so financially "successful", that we don't remember your name either.


Treat Our Buyer Clients as Long Term "Friends" and Not "Business Clients":

 You can never have too many friends.  I've never understood why so many real estate agents spend so much time "farming" for new prospects and not staying in contact with the people they did business with in the past until I started asking people about their past experiences.  I discovered that their old agent didn't impress them enough to be worthy of remembering or using again.  It's a simple fact that Friends Don't Do Friends Wrong.  If you do, then you're not a friend.  I personally treat every new client just as though they were a friend and will remain so from there on out... long after doing a real estate transaction.  Nothing thrills me more than a client I sold a house to 5 years ago to call me up and say they're ready to sell or buy another home.  And they do so because were "friends".  I keep in contact via my monthly eNewsletter with insightful customized articles, as Friends on Facebook, Text, Tweets or however you like.


Remain Available 24/7 With Unsurpassed Communication That You Need:

 Nothing is more irritating than playing "phone tag" with someone, and especially your real estate agent, whether you/re buying or selling.  We do not have a "switchboard" or office duty worker to screen our telephone calls; we operate solely with cellular telephones, so there's never an excuse for not getting us on the phone.  We also make extensive use of email communication and text messaging so we can have a written record of our clients needs.  All of our contracts, copies of surveys, plot plans, bill of assurance, contract addendums are all scanned and put in pdf digital format in our computer system.  This way, any Agent, Title Company or Bank that needs a copy of a document can get it instantly rather than relying on 4 generation faxes, etc. And I love a buyer I sold them there house 8 years ago to call and ask if I could possibly find a document from their original closing....because it takes me about 60 seconds to email it to them.


Constantly and Consistently Search the Market For the Home You Want:

 We encourage our clients to use our very informative website for about all the information they can imagine, but best of call, our buyers can search the exact same local MLS database of homes that we Realtors use 24/7, and all without obligation.  We don't believe in requiring a buyer to give us their personal information prior to being able to search for homes.  The only information database records you cannot pull are the ones that are no longer active properties for sale.  In addition to having the freedom to perform your own searches, we also search for you on a daily basis and any home that appears to be right for you, we email the MLS datasheet to you.  We don't really subscribe to those canned auto-finders that search automatically certain criteria and then automatically send you dozens of homes we know you wouldn't like, so we hand pick all of the homes you receive information on.


Apply Our 45 Years of Experience in Expert Negotiation of Your Purchase:

 Negotiation of a purchase is different for every client.  Its not just a mater of trying to get the lowest price.  If we locate the perfect house and you don't want to take a chance of losing it, we apply our expertise as to how to write an offer to give you the edge over other possible competition.  We listen to our clients and we evaluate your needs and place emphasis on your priorities.  Too many agents fall in the trap of negotiating the same way for every client and we just don't believe that all clients are the same.


Carefully Look Out for Your Best Interest All the Way to Closing, to Eliminate Problems, Snags, Stumbling Blocks and Resolving Obstacles Immediately:

 Most transactions go smoothly but every now and then problems arise and we stay on top of them and get them resolved quickly and in the best interest of our client.  It also requires good judgment and timing to resolve many problems where the burden does not fall on our buyer client.  We know how to get unforeseen repair problems handled that surface during a home inspection as well as how to shift gears on financing alternatives on short notice when needed.  The bottom line is we don't drop the ball after an offer is made by our client and we never catch ourselves in a position of not being able to act immediately and in the best interest of our client, including getting them out of a bad deal fast.

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