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Why would a Realtor help a For Sale By Owner?...

COMMISSIONS ARE NEGOTIABLE: Real Estate commissions are negotiable and are not "fixed" as some would think, even though most real estate companies in the Greater Little Rock/North Little Rock area appear to charge between 5% and 7% to List, Market and Sell your home.  Generally the higher the commission, the more money the real estate company will have to spend on marketing your home and the greater the incentive of other co-operating agents to show and attempt to sell your home.


WE ARE A FULL SERVICE COMPANY FOR LESS:  Network Real Estate, Inc. offers several commission program options to assist a homeowner in selling their home.  Our normal commission charge is 6% for full representation and includes advertising, marketing and showing your home to prospects to secure an acceptable offer as soon as possible.


FLAT FEE SERVICES: Not all sellers need full service marketing, and as such, we designed a Full Fee Service Program which limits ONLY the Advertising that is done in the marketing of your home and one that relies primarily on finding the buyer for your home through a licensed real estate "Buyers Agent" accomplished through the Realtors MLS system.


EVERYTHING you see in a basic Full Service real estate commission representation is seen in our Flat Fee Service EXCEPT you will not see newspaper or magazine advertising.  We perform a lot of services for in our full commission representation, but many buyers just dont need that much marketing for a sale within a reasonable time frame.




For a Flat Prepaid Fee of $595, we represent a For Sale By Owner as a "Consultant".   This assistance includes providing the FSBO sign, designing and printing a limited number of professional "full color" Home Brochure Flyers for use in distribution and placing in a Brochure Box on the FSBO sign, providing the Brochure Box, assisting in newspaper advertising design, provide you with a internet web address for use in all advertising to sift, sort and weed out non-qualified prospective buyers so you dont have to answer the telephone and much more.  Your website listing will answer all the questions a buyer might have about your home including a telephone number of how to reach you for an appointment.  The web service is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.


This option also includes a comprehensive Market Study Analysis of the market conditions and determination of the most probable sale range for your home, which includes an analysis of the sales of all homes in your area over the last several years, and we provide you with a copy of the County Tax Record on your home.


Lastly we fully represent you as "your" licensed real estate professional to advise you on any real estate related matter on the sale of your home, including providing all forms for your prospective buyer, if needed, and representing your best interest on any prospect you obtain directly or from another real estate agent.  We assist you in negotiating and advice on any counter offers.


In short, we do most everything a Full Service real estate broker would do for you plus some, EXCEPT, we do not advertise, market or show your home.  We only assist "you" in your selling effort.  This service was originally designed for sellers that planned to purchase another home within the same metro area where Network Real Estate is engaged as your Buyers Agent in finding that new home which costs you, as the buyer, nothing.  




Our beginning or lowest commission charge for entering the Flat Fee MLS System program is a flat $595 with a total commission of 3%.  We pay cooperating brokers their full 2.4% of the total sale, which is what they would make on a full 6% commission.  OR, if you choose, we can offer no flat fee and a total commission of only 4%.


The Way It Works:  We place you in the local Realtors MLS System for a commission that agents assume is a full 6% or 7% commission.  We charge a total 3.0% real estate commission which mirrors a full commission service representation and requires a standard Realtors "Listing" agreement;  placing our Network Real Estate sign in your yard and placing a real estate "lock box" on your home for other Realtors to show your home to their buyers.  In all appearances you are being fully represented by an exclusive real estate agent for a higher commission than you are actually paying.  The "Buyers Agent" would normally receive a 2.4% the total sales price as their commission for bringing you an offer on a regular 6% commission representation.  The ONLY way they will know this is not a full 6% commission is if YOU tell them.  Our company only receives the residual .6% (point six percent) for handling the real estate agent calls for showing and following the sale to closing for you.


The primary benefit of this fee structure is to get you into the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) computer system so all Realtors in the city as well as nationwide, in Realtor.com, are aware of your homes availability and no one is penalized but us on the commission split.  We maintain a very low overhead costs and pass this cost savings on to our clients.


BE CAUTIOUS of the many nationally advertised "Flat Fee" services advertised on the internet that DO NOT place you into the "real" MLS System that local agents use OR they provide you NO representation, NO Licensed Real Estate Sign and NO Licensed Real Estate Agent LockBox.  IF a real estate agent does not see a valid sign and lockbox on your home, they most likely will not bother to show it.

AS LOW AS $595.00 Flat Fee or Flat Fee +


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