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Home Showing Procedures



 Your home will be shown only by Licensed Real Estate Agents who are also members of the National Association of Realtors, Realtor Members and members of the Central Arkansas Regional Multiple Listing Service (CARMLS).  Their access to your home is electronically limited for use during only daylight hours by using a Lock Box mounted on or close to your front entry door.  The Lock Box is operated by an electronic key or smartphone app, which can only be authorized by passcode specific to the Realtor user.


 Agents will call your Listing Agent first for an appointment to show your home.  Most agents will call at least an hour in advance for an appointment to show which will cover a period of time which is generally in one hour increments.  For example, an agent will call to show your house between the hours of 2 and 3 in the afternoon.  Agents on occasion will call while parked out front of your home for permission to show.  It is advisable to always have your home in “show ready” condition.


 After the agent calls your Listing Agent for a showing, your agent will call or text you or on your home and leave a message on your answering machine unless someone is at home to take the call.  Most every agent will leave their business card on a table so you will know they did show your home.


 IF you have a pet, it is best to have the pet in a secured area so they do not accidentally get out and/or secured so they do not bite a prospective buyer.  The more area a pet restricts the buyer from seeing…the less the buyer will be able to preview and be interested.  There are many home buyers that do not like animals and are afraid to look at a home if a dog is running loose for example.


 If you have an alarm, our company does NOT give out the alarm code over the telephone.  Rather we tape alarm code instructions “inside” the lock box to turn off and back on for the alarm. Many homeowners arrange for a temporary alarm code that can be erased at a later date.


 The “Easier” your home is to show…the more agents that will show your home.  One question always asked by an agent is “is the home easy to show”?  That means… are there any alarms to worry with; any pets to worry about; is the home clean and looks presentable and is anyone home or can they talk freely while they tour.


 All calls for showing are logged electronically and kept by our company and reported to you generally via email.  On occasion, an agent will set an appointment and not show up.  These are cases where the buyer selected another home prior to seeing your home or once they saw the outside changed their mind about going in for some reason.  Agents will generally notify us if they are “canceling” a showing if possible.


 Most showings are during the week and during the hours of 10:00 a.m. to around 5:30 p.m. in the evening.  Secondly, showings will occur during dinner time between 5:00 and 6:30 and it is considered unusual if a buyer wants to look after 6:30 in the evening.  But does indicated they’re very interested. Weekends are not as heavy generally as during the week days but there is generally ample traffic on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons.


 IF you have a family member “sick” or it’s not a good day to show your home for whatever reason, be sure to call our office and we can attempt to have agents show your home the following day or later.


 IF you plan to be home when an agent wants to show your home, it’s not completely necessary to “leave”, especially since an agent might not show up to begin with.  Our recommendation is to do what you need to do and when you hear the doorbell ring, just step outside on your back patio or deck until they leave.  Some agents enjoy having a homeowner available to help talk up the features of a home and others become irate if a seller joins in their selling process.