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And part of our fast and efficient services, we use eSign to sign all our real estate contracts and forms during the home buying or selling function.  The days of Fax Machines and scanning documents hand signed are in the past. This enables us to take advantage of special situation buys and get an offer to the seller before others.

We operate at Lightning Speed.  When you sign a full service listing agreement with our company, you are in Realtor.com, the Realtors MLS System, our Internet Website, our FaceBook Website and dozens of National websites, complete with the maximum number of quality pictures, AVI Video Tour and completely up and live within 24 hours.  We don't waste time.  We don't wait 2 days or 40 days to enter your pictures.  It's all done within the First 24 Hours.

Lighted Brochure Sign Box?  Yep, besides our extremely high quality custom Brochure Sign Flyers, we are in the 20% group that uses brochure boxes for drive by traffic to see the details on our homes for sale, but in addition, we’re the Only one’s we’ve seen so far that use the Lighted Box operating off a Solar Cell and lights up at night to attract more attention.  Our motto is “Dare to be different”.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our picture presentations of your home and do NOT place pictures in the MLS System that appear to be "black" images that cannot be viewed and we do not subscribe to "Virtual Tours" that are merely "Slide Shows" of the same existing pictures, even though they are nice and pleasant to look at.  We attempt to provide a viewer the Maximum experience you can provide through pictures and Real Video by having "our client" in most cases, give us a Tour of their home which we video.  It's real.  It's more entertaining.  It provides a voice and a sales presentation rather than "elevator music".  So Why doesn't everyone do it?  It's not easy.  And it's very time consuming to produce.

We are the ONLY company we know of that allow All our clients to Cancel our listing agreements on any 24-hour written notice for any reason.  In 18+ years, we've only had one client cancel.  We don't like "forcing" a client to do business with us if they become unhappy or change their minds.  And we certainly don't charge a "Penalty" for canceling.  All of our policies and good will generated by the way we do business is why 95% of our business comes from REFERRALS.  We love happy clients.  And if our client just happens to find a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) home that pays us No Commission, we will still fully represent both parties for a small fee just so we can make sure OUR client is well served.

Any real estate agent can show you a home, sell you a home or list a home.  Only with years of experience can you develop the knowledge to know how to head off problems before they get out of control.  It is estimated that some 20% to 25% of all sales don't make it to closing and have to be started all over again.  We know how to "anticipate" problematic areas and head them off.  One of our best examples is one of our buyers was to close on a Friday and move in Saturday and the Listing Agent informed us "there was a problem with the deed".  We jumped instantly into fight mode, demanding we move into the home on time and pay Zero Rent until the deed is cleared.  Being caught off guard, they accepted and our client lived in the home for 1 year rent free before purchasing.  We can site you dozens of examples of how experience can help you.

We DO NOT penalize a Buyer's Agent wanting to bring you an offer by offering them a lower share of a Real Estate Commission split than they're accustomed to.  We always pay the expected average amount to cooperating agents to provide the proper incentive for them to want to show your home.  Offering less to a buyer agent in our area could cost you potential showings.

Our marketing does not rely on a Realtor locating your home for their buyer, but rather we target the "Buyer" direct in the marketplace, so they will "inform" their Realtor "We want to see this home".  We do this with our unique marketing methods with FaceBook, Lighted Brochure Boxes and professional Sign Brochures, VIDEO's that produce higher SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when looking for a home, etc.  

"Car Is Negotiable !"  ...  We create whatever Marketing we feel is needed on any particular home to sell.  We think Outside the Box and create attention-getting materials to be more effective.  We have used direct mail "Target Marketing" snail mail Postcards, Flyers, Brochures, eFlyers, eMail campaigns, Business Postcards, Apartment Mailouts and extensive use of FaceBook Target Market ADS because we can target the Age, Sex, Location, Interest, etc. We DON'T do things that have been proven to be ineffective that makes a seller "feel good".

Our company business Telephone line IS our cellular telephone and we answer our phones 18/7...18 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some 18 years ago I was thinking this was going to be the dumbest thing anyone has ever done since we'd never heard of it, but now it's becoming commonplace and if there is one thing we hear often, it's "well it sure is easy getting a hold of you". We don't do phone tag or leave messages for our "team".  You call, You TEXT...we respond.  We also use, Skype, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and Personal and Business Facebook pages for marketing and communication, but don't expect us to answer Skype too early in the morning.

All of our real estate documents and contracts are produced or scanned into an Adobe PDF readable format to produce faster, easier and better copies available to your Bank, Title Companies, Appraisers and other Real Estate Agents.  We started doing this long before we ever heard of anyone doing it by using a pdf print driver.  In other words, we don't send 2nd generation denigrated faxed copies of documents and you can call us up 15 years later for a single document on your home you can't find and our system can find it within a matter of seconds.

Our broker, David W. Bolick, has been a licensed real estate broker in Little Rock for approximately 45 years, so we have the knowledge base in the industry.  David has worked in all phases of the real estate business and even published a Book available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others, "The TRUTH about FLIPPING Foreclosure Real Estate".  This was also written to help our clients have an edge in investing.

We "completely" fill out all of the MLS information on your home and do not leave multitudes of blank spaces.  If you have a Fireplace, we enter it.  If you have a 3 car garage, we enter it.  If you have a Walk In Closet or 4 Ceiling Fans, or Marble Counters, We Enter It.  And we fully describe the features of your home within the maximum allowable text space provided.  We also provide proper and understandable directions to your home for those new to the city and not like "go 2 miles on University and turn left on Markham".  

Through the years, the MLS System has gone from 12 to 15 to 20 to currently 39 pictures that can be displayed on your home.  We enter the "maximum" number of high quality photos of your home in the System and not just "1" picture like you'll see on some listings or one's with poor quality.  Statistics show that in this day and time, Buyers use mobile devises and want to see Pictures and Videos of everything, so why cut your presentation short of the maximum?

Directing our focus on a National level, we also hard post the listing of your home on dozens of independent national websites that also feed real estate listings to hundreds of other internet websites such as Trulia.com, Zillow.com, Homes.com and others. This creates a large national exposure for your listing to view the full description, pictures and Video Tour which also creates more SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

We have a Test Marketed Sign Design to get Attention!  Have you noticed that many Real Estate Signs almost go unnoticed because of their size, shape or color?  Some look like regular Political Signs or Siding Company Advertising Signs.  There are 2 Key Features that research has shown for a noticeable real estate sign (1) It has the words For Sale very large and visible and (2) the colors most noticed are Yellow and Black.  That's why we designed our sign the way it is. We don't have "our" personal picture on our signs because we are promoting the Sale of "Your" House rather than "ourselves".

 Naturally we have professional Internet and FaceBook Website pages that provide a whole host of valuable information as well as Advertising Your Home with the Website Address ON the TOP of our Signs so potential buyers can view your home's complete information and features without any hassle. Not all agents even have a web presence and many that do, do not have the web address on their sign or very noticeable text.  On our site, we showcase your home with more than double the number of high quality pictures than the MLS system generally allows.

One of our most unique marketing techniques, which we were one of the first in the country to implement, and STILL the only one in Arkansas that we know of after 12 years now, is we produce "Real Video Tours" of the homes we list and provide an internet link for Realtor.com, the local MLS Service, our Website and hundreds of other sites so that a real tour experience can be viewed 24/7.  

We are leading members of the national real estate network Blog www.ActiveRain.com/dbonweb which we use to promote your home for sale on a "national" rather than just a "local" basis.  Currently our broker David W. Bolick is ranked as #2 in Little Rock, #4 in Pulaski County and #23 in Arkansas.

It's reported that 97% of all buyers located their dream home using the Internet !

And what's more...it's estimated that over 60% now use a cellular Smart Phone to search for homes on Realtor.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com, Homes.com or a host of other apps.

We produce a very unique content-filled Full Color eFlyer email (electronic flyer) that is HTML internet coded which can instantly be opened without the need for downloading, that also has "links" to our Videos, MLS Realtor Listing and more.  And we send this to all real estate agents that have sold or listed a home in your price range or area of your home during the last 12 months.  In other words a Targeted Agent Approach.

We also become Friends with virtually all of our real estate clients to stay in contact with them and in doing so, they refer friends to us and also inform friends of a new listing they see we might have. And we use extensive “Paid Targeted Facebook Marketing” ads that generate thousands of views and dozens if not hundreds of click throughs to the MLS Listing.

We keep abreast of virtually all the most current high tech marketing concepts, ideas and techniques and use our own creativity to maximize your exposure for selling your home and Keep You Plugged-In.




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