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 There are two mortgage calculators. The left calculator is a simple PI (Principal & Interest payment) with the one on the right includes the Taxes and Insurance called PITI. Just enter the appropriate amounts of your expected mortgage amount, interest rate press Calculate.


 Keep in mind  a PI mortgage payment is generally only allowed when you have put 20% or more down payment with a conventional loan. You'll alway have Home Owners Insurance, also referred to as Fire Insurance, and Real Estate Taxes as well as possibly a MIP (Mortgage Insurance Premium) when you have Less Than 20% Loan to Value margin.


 Any questions you might have about Mortgage Loans, where to get a loan and why is may or may not make a big difference.  CAUTION: You'll see or hear a lot about "Points". Points are paid at closing for the sole purpose of "Buying down an interest rate" as they say.  That means if the going market rate is 4.5%, you can pay a calculated amount cash at closing to "buy down" that rate to 4.25% for example. It's estimated by many that it takes 7 years to breakeven on that decision before it produces a positive effect.

Straight PI (Principal & Interest) Calculation

PITI Mtg Loan Calculation, including Taxes and Insurance

Current Interest Rates