We "Plug You In"

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  This is a Rent vs Own Analysis, reviewed by a CPA for accuracy. The analysis assumes that "Rents" go up through time compared to purchasing a home, your payments never increase except for any increase in your real estate taxes or homeowners insurance.  The analysis further compares the SAVINGS you accumulate from all sources including the pay down of your mortgage, income tax savings, and the biggest gain of all, Inflation...or an Increase in the Value of your home. Most people in stable or improving areas sell their homes for far more than they purchased in a 10 year period.


 All you do is enter an AMOUNT for the house payment you don't want to exceed Or the amount of your current rent, Tab and then enter the current interest rate. Our Home Page has a current interest rate widget. After entering both numbers, just Tab, and all 10 years will automatically recompute.