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Matt Yates is one of the best HVAC people I've met. He's saved many of our clients a lot of money just by being honest and fair. If you have a AC or Heat problem, you won't go wrong with Matt.


Cell: 501-246-8971

Email: yatesmaintenance@gmail.com

I've used Advantage Service Co for years. They are a large Full Service company for Electrical, Heating, Plumbing, Sewer and Air Conditioning. Their prices are great and they are as honest as they come.


Phone: 501-758-2404

When you have a worry about the safety of your fireplace, who better to call than a Fireman, who also has a Chimney Sweep company. Jason has an impecible reputation.


Phone: 501-581-8989

I came across David when taking bids for a non profit and he not only had the best price but the speed and quality of his work was very impressive. I've referred him several times and have always been thanked by my referral.


Phone: 501-240-2675

Email: furmanelec@msn.com

I used GQ 22 years ago when I bought my house and they were good then. Of all the Home Inspectors I've been involved with, GQ is the No Nonsense inspector. They don't try to scare you and just stick to the important issues you need to know about.


Phone: 501-227-9450

Email: gqinspectionservice@gmail.com

Can't say enough good about Sally & Chuck Goss, owners of Goss Mgmt. They manage Homes for Rent. If you can't get your house sold quick enough or for the right price, just turn it over to Sally and worry no more. High Quality, Professional, Honest and Hard Working.


Phone: 501-225-7968

Email: csgoss@aol.com












There are times you need an Engineer when there are foundation concerns or other structural issues. One of the best I've found is Richard Ackley. He's a non nonsense engineering that just gives you the straight up facts.


Cell: 501-580-7702

You hear friends tell you "which bank" to go to or not, but I'm hear to tell you...It's NOT the Bank...It's the Loan Officer. And Jonathan Cook is one top of his game. He not only knows the products out there to get you a good deal but Regions also has Special In Bank Loans at times.


Cell: 501-690-4871

Email: jonathan.cook@regions.com

Title Companies are a Key Element of Closing the Sale or Purchase of your home. West Little Rock Title/Stacy Jones, have the highest percentage of Closings on Schedule I've ever heard. If accuracy, timeliness and closing on schedule are important to you...call Stacy.


Phone: 501-224-5100

Email: Stacy@WestLittleRockTitle.com

There are times to design and add a room, storage bldg, or new deck, but whatever the project, the best architect I've worked with is Tim Yelvington. Extremely pleased with his work.


Phone: 501-372-0272

Email: ty@rppyarchitects.com

Mr Morales has a crew of workers for any job small or large. His prices have never been beat and the quality of his work never ceases to amaze me. I've referred him many times to many happy people.


Phone: 501-944-1037

Derek Jennings is SEA President and Founder, and one of a few Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) in the state of Arkansas. They are Certified Mold Remediators (CMR) and  conduct all microbial abatement and micro cleaning services anytime you have a mold issue.


Phone: 501-568-3111

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The Best advise one can give to a Home Seller is to get an Appraisal of your home before going on the market. Jamie Taylor is not only a Licensed Real Estate Agent, but an Appraiser that offers discounts for home sellers wanting the right selling price.  


Phone: 501-313-7314

Email: jamie@AQYR.com


Wayne Pace Inspector Card

Wayne has been around quite a while and is about the most detailed home inspector I've had the pleasure of working with. When you want perfection complete with a detailed computerized report emailed with high quality pictures, then Wayne is the one you want.


Phone: 501-664-7233


Sergio says you'll be impressed with the professionalism and knowlege of Colby Neal.


 **Detailed, Computer Generated Reports with Summary section too

 **Digital Photographs included beside the report comments

 **Report Delivered within 24 Hours (of the

completion of the inspection)


Call Today for a Quote or to Schedule your

Home Inspection at 501-833-8500

Sergo's second top pick, ProTeam. Paige & Richard are very professional, easy to work with and good at answering all your questions. They'll provide you with a Certified Inspection.



Phone: 501-258-2378

Quicken Loans

Jason Scherbarth works to get you a loan when others can't. He works hard until he gets the job done and you'll be highly satisfied. Give Jason a call and compare rates and services. Quicken Loans is an award winning primary mortgage originator as rated by J.D. Power.



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